'COMPUTERS?' Kelly I.A. & Richards J.V.M.


'COMPUTERS?' Kelly I.A. & Richards J.V.M.

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Computers? What are they?  Well may you ask and you’ll be non the wiser after this three minute sonic explanation from Messrs. Kelly I.A. & Richards J.V.M.

The old pals return after their fatefully under promoted debut album “Something Remained” with a more upbeat, but no less improbable new single: “Computers?”

A contemporary take on a vintage problem, with a retro twist…yeah, like wow

Mixing spoken word, claps, clicks and pops with big fuck-off Phil Collins-esque drums and various assorted finds from the school music room the duo attempt to titillate and educate, or “titucate” if you will.

The theme is explored further in the accompanying video, made in conjunction with Worcester production company the Terrapin 5. With a shaggy haired nod to the BBC Open University spectacles of yore the film ramps up the “titucation” with long hair, massive drums and wide trouser cuffs vying for attention amongst the binary and chalk dust.

The words of wisdom muttered in one of the snippets in the track could probably also be said of the Messrs. themselves; “I can’t get sense into them or out of them”. Indeed.