10 track CD in card wallet.

Beautiful Wounds
Oil The Machine
Romeo Required
The Alcoholic Oracle
A Sailor Me
Runaway Brain
The Thinking Song
Sunny Side
A Wonderful Life?

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For the record:

A Sailor me was the first fully formed solo album I made. It was recorded whilst living for a year in a large spooky old farmhouse in the back waters of Lincolnshire. I had packed up my business interests and fled to the country . Against this backdrop I set up my collection of vintage recording equipment and  contacted an old pal who is conversant in these matters. Emotionally it was a white knuckle ride. But it was fun. And then it was done. I wandered back to the city. Did a gig. Threw the discs under the bed and eventually wandered off again to more rural pastures, this time West. When I hear this record I can feel the fun it was to make it, like it was yesterday.  

On the record:

There are thousands of personal pop songs out there, and now there are eleven more, fired, in the same vain, from the heart. No pulled punches or diluted ideals just a good hard smack in the kisser, how it is meant to be and how it was, before the accountants over powered us. The Thinking Reeds are not appeasers, they are Winston in the face of a thousand Chamberlains and they too can offer little more than toil and tears…. But it’s all set to a damn fine tune.

And here’s some what kind folk wrote about it: 

“…..a remarkably human album….a longing of the sort you would associate with Daniel Johnston or Tom Waits………beautifully instrumented….an authentic and compelling personal document, a lantern in the dark” 
No Ordinary Music June 06 

“…manages the feat of being reminiscent of Rufus Wainwright’s grandiose air and Roddy Frames’s earthbound wistfulness at the same time…………….A Sailor Me is a lovely, whimsical record” 
Russell Barker, Russ’s Reviews June 06 

“……..brings me to the banks of the thames, among the gin’soaked whores and stevedores.” 
75 or Less April 06 

“a stunning debut album” 
Coma fanzine July 06

"Brilliant... Heartbreaking and funny at the same time. Like nothing else out there"
Jake - Media Sourcing

"It is rare that you come across something that is so original but yet so listenable. As if by some mystical hocus pocus it conjuers up heartbreak, depression and humour all in the same enjoyable audio treat. This could be one of those bands that you liked before anyone else had heard of them. Brilliant begining to end with show-stopping moments among the trauma".
Bernhard Bessing
Is This Music

"It repays repeated listening, and could very well become a companion in turbulent times. This is what music should be, a humanising force in an inhuman world, and just as well that people like Kelly are able and willing to create such an authentic and compelling personal document, a lantern in the dark".
Gavin Maxwell