I’m seeing the Rural Audio Club as a platform from which to offer a seemingly disparate gaggle of ideas. A personally curated mini department store meets cultural salon. Or……stuff.

 Stuff I’ve made, stuff I’ve made with other people, old stuff, stuff made by people I know or simply stuff I admire and want to be involved in promoting.

 It is also a way to appease my inner merchant which has harangued me from the playground onwards. From market stalls to concessions in major stores, online auction houses, private ads and even a bricks and mortar shop I’ve always been involved in selling and the curious and oft maddening marriage of art and economics.

 Opening with a musical introduction the Rural Audio Club has some growing to do so check in, sign up and let’s turn this bit of cyberspace into something worthwhile. Don’t you just want to be able, some time from now, to sanctimoniously utter the words:

 “The Rural Audio Club? Man I was into that shit from the get go……………”





For further information please Email or use the contact form.